F6 Extension - stage 1


The NSW Government is proposing to build a 4km underground motorway, the F6 Extension, from President Ave at Kogarah to the New M5 Motorway at Arncliffe.

This will have a huge impact on many residents of the Kogarah Bay Ward with 1000’s of cars being funnelled onto our main corridors of Princes Highway and Rocky Point Road, with the NSW Roads Minister suggesting that 24hour clearways may be introduced on these 2 roads to improve traffic flow. Trying to attempt to cross over or turn onto either of these roads is already gridlock on most occasions. The introduction of 24hr clearways will not only have a devastating affect on local businesses, it will decimate the local community feel of shopping strips such as Ramsgate and Sans Souci. Parking in these locations is already a premium, with new apartment blocks being constructed every few hundred metres. The Leader recently published this article on the proposed clearways.

For more information and to be kept updated on this issue you can view the F6 Action Facebook page.

current status

You are encouraged to make a Submission after viewing the Environmental Impact Statement for the F6 Extension Stage 1, which is on Public Exhibition from 7 November until 14 December 2018. Find out more on the NSW RMS Website.


How to make a submission on the EIS

Submissions on the EIS must be made directly to the Department of Planning and Environment.

Your submission can be lodged as an online form on the DPE website at: majorprojects.planning.nsw.gov.au

Submissions can also be made in writing to:

Attention: Director Transport Assessments
Department of Planning and Environment
GPO Box 39 Sydney NSW 2001

Kogarah Bay Progress Association has sent this submission. Use it as a basis to write your own submission.

Artists impression of the exit junction on President Ave, Kogarah

Artists impression of the exit junction on President Ave, Kogarah

Join the Kogarah Bay Progress Association and help fight for the interests of local residents on these important issues.
— Jeff Powys, Secretary, Kogarah Bay Progress Association Inc