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build carss park pool

georges river council closes pool permanently

On 23rd July 2019 Georges River Council made the decision to permanently close Carss Park Pool, citing direction from the EPA to stop chlorinated water entering the Georges River. Read more about Council’s decision and reports commissioned here. See the public’s view in these Letters to the Editor in 2nd Aug edition.

open space, recreation and community facilities strategy

The Open Space, Recreation and Community Facilities Strategy, which many supporters of the Save Carss Park Pool wrote submissions on, came before the Community and Culture Committee Meeting on 12 Aug with these recommendations. See the Minutes of this Committee Meeting.

Build Carss Park Pool was represented by Aimee Martel who addressed the Committee with this fantastic speech.

After Aimee’s address, both Clr Katris & Clr Landsberry spoke passionately of their opinion that the 3rd aquatic facility in the Local Government Area should be at the same site in Carss Park. They explained that Council needs to go through the regulatory process of obtaining reports and included an amendment to the recommendations from Council Officers that the reports are obtained as a matter of urgency.

See Aimee’s excellent speech on Council’s Webcast (go to 00.07.14. Continue to 0.16.31 to hear Clr Katris and Clr Landsberry’s comments).

Council Meeting - to adopt Open Space Strategy


Councillors will be asked to adopt the minutes from the Aug 12 Community and Culture Committee Meeting which included the recommendations for the Open Space, Recreation and Community Facilities Strategy, featuring aquatic facilities.

Clr Katris seconded by Clr Landsberry made an amendment to the recommendations for this strategy that the reports required to enable Councillors to decide on the 3rd location for the aquatic facility in the LGA are obtained as a matter of urgency.

Save the Date to attend this meeting at 7pm on Mon 26 Aug at Georges River Council so we can keep up the momentum to Build Carss Park Pool.

local strategic planning statement

Georges River Council has a top level Strategic Planning Document (LSPS) that wants to identify Jubilee Stadium precinct as a ‘Regional Sporting Hub’.

To help rebuild Carss Park Pool where it is, we wrote many submissions calling for this document to identify Carss Park as the Regional Sporting Hub, not Jubilee Stadium. See sample submission.

Secondly, in point A29 of the key actions outlined on Page 40 of the LSPS it states:-

Investigate Council and partner opportunities for additional sports grounds, playing fields and aquatic facilities.

Many of us also wrote secondary submissions objecting to Council seeking to outsource the provision to aquatic facilities to private entities via Public Private Partnerships (PPPs). See sample submission.

Submissions to the LSPS have now closed, and we await the findings from Council expected at the end of 2019.


Kogarah War Memorial Olympic Pool was opened in 1965 in historic Carss Bush Park and is a memorial pool to acknowledge and remember those brave people who died for their country. For over 50 years it has been a community focal point as well as a training ground for world champions.

At the 23 April 2018 Council Meeting, Councillor Sam Elmir raised Notice of Motion NM019-18 (see page 396) for Council to prepare a site suitability and feasibility study for a new regional aquatic centre at Carss Park. This NoM was unanimously supported by all Councillors. 15 months since this Motion, this report has not been prepared by Council. Watch the webcast of this meeting here (go to 1hr21min) to see the Notice of Motion and all Councillors comments on the issue.

In what seemed to be disregard for NM019-18, at the 12th June 2018 Finance and Governance Committee Meeting, Council presented a report (see page 26) which recommended the pool’s demolition at the end of the 2018/19 summer season. The report presented five options for the future use of this beautiful site located on the waterfront at Kogarah Bay, with the preferred option an interim solution including the construction of a 140 space car park.

For more information and to be kept updated on this issue you can sign the petition.

Many members of the Kogarah Bay Progress Association Inc attended a rally in Jan to save the pool.

Fight to save Kogarah War Memorial Pool at Carss Park

Fight to save Kogarah War Memorial Pool at Carss Park

Join the Kogarah Bay Progress Association and help fight for the interests of local residents on these important issues.
— Jeff Powys, Secretary, Kogarah Bay Progress Association Inc